Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Why I Love Sitemeter

Super love ko talaga SiteMeter! Ang fun na metrics! Kasi…You get to see how people get to your website, like, from what links referred people to your site or what google words they searched first before they click to yours.

And guess what!

Somebody searched google for “pekpek shorts pic.” Because of my “Dear Lyka” entry, I was there in the search results. Yes and there I was on the first page! Hahahaha

Dito ko rin nakita na when you search for “mga sawi sa pagibig,” ako ang first na lalabas! As in top ng first page! Wahahaha! Dahil yun sa "Para Sa Mga Sawi..." entry ko. But that is about chocolates! Hahaha! Crazy talaga!

As for “Razon’s Halo-halo,” nasa second page lang ang "Isang Rason sa Pag-ngiti: RAZON'S HALO-HALO" ko. Andami rin kasing nag-blog about it eh! Nice! Kelangan na nila talaga ng fan’s club, swear!

Try checking out your Site Metrics using SiteMeter! Sobra laughtrip talaga! Well siyempre depende rin sa entries ng blog niyo di ba! Mine is working just fine for me! As in, I can’t stop laughing! I’m flattered rin naman! Pero this is hilarious talaga! Wahahaha!


shaula0pink said...

hoist! educate me this sitemeter thing. sounds interesting..

and btw, sipag mo tlga magblog.. mas masarap magcomment eh.. hehehe

Pao Pielago said...

channeling benito vergara...


John-D Borra said...

Part of me wishes that I could even be associated with the search terms "pekpek shorts". ;-) Keep on writing!

punkiliciousss said...

to shaula...

yeah before ako maaliw magblog, official taga-comment ako sa site namin. sige, sa birthday mo, tutorials na lang gift ko sayo! haha!

punkiliciousss said...

to pao...

haha! i know right! this blogging thing is all his doing!

punkiliciousss said...

to sir john-d...

haha! you're really cool! try using sitemeter, maybe you're already associated with cooler search terms.

and... awww... i really love writing. but i guess, my style for now is more conversational and as you can see, it's in taglish. haha! but don't worry i'll try to give justice to the grade you gave me and write more posts like i used to in uapak:

shaula0pink said...

yahoo!! cheers to that! :)

keno said...

ooohhh....stig mag blogging...

punkiliciousss said...

to shau...

oba! cheers! para makapag-bonding uli tayo bago pasukan ko!

punkiliciousss said...

to keno...

i know right!

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