Saturday, May 26, 2007

Slaving for an SLR or a Lomo

For those who are wondering, what the heck am I doing awake at 4am every morning, I am currently (1) doing Layout rakets for my mom's friends/clients, (2) conceptualizing a story for a children's storybook and trying to learn how to paint and (3) joining other photography rakets/contests... WHY??? Because, I have no allowance during summer and summer is a pretty bad time to discover your passion.

Yes! Finally Dad, i hope you can read this! Your daughter finally discovered what she really loves. The long trial and error process of enrolling me to Yamaha, art classes and other writing or acting workshops is finally over. I've finally realized that besides having an interest with Advertising (which will be my job soon, do not worry, my mentor is already summoning me into her lair), I have a passion for this delicious thing called Photography. (Mas gusto ko kasi atang sabihin kay San Pedro na inalay ko buhay ko sa pag-p-praise kay Lord through arts and showing people what is beautiful and delicious, kesa sa sabihin na nagbenta ako ng sabon. Hehe! Atlhough, wala ring magaganda't malilinis na tao kung walang sabon... Hmmmm...)

It's such a relief to finally shout to the world what is that thing that lies inside your heart. But at the same time, it's scary because you are expected to commit to one.


Anonymous said...

ano ka ba? eh di magcellcenter tyo gurl! hahaha! bampira ka naman eh! let's go sago!

Anonymous said...

congrats, ****polarber! nakakatuwa basahin ang iyong revelation! although, its not much of a surprise anymore since we've all seen how much you love pressing that shutter button! goodluck!

btw, ano yang (2) conceptualizing a story for a children's storybook and trying to learn how to paint...ha? ha? hehehehehhe!!!

-other anonymous!:P

punkiliciousss said...
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punkiliciousss said...

hahaha! thank you guppie-****-***! nakakatawa naman dito, may asterisk pa talaga! mahulaan mo kaya thank you so much for the support. so far, anlaking tulong that you believe in me so much.

btw rin, nagtatanong ka pa ano yung (2) na yan! magbrainstorm na tyo! nangangati na ko magsulat!hahaha!

shaula0pink said...

naku punx eh ever since eh yan na hilig mo iha :)

punkiliciousss said...

hahaha! onga eh shau... kaso mahirap rin kasi magshift from hobby/interest to passion. mas mabigat eh. sana nga masabi ko kay san pedro na nabigyan ko naman ng justice yung art na to. thanks!