Monday, March 17, 2014

An Ode to the Good Cup

There is more than caffeine in my cup.
There is but a goodness or two in every drop.

 Every sip of that blessed velvety elixir of life,
People should know that it’s also a means to end strife.

 If only all coffee companies were like Nescafe,
the world will be a much better place, I say!

For they have a Nescafe plan and this in their Tagum Farm I’ve seen,
they care about Rural Development and buy from local farmers their coffee beans.

Sure they still import 75% of their beans and that’s not a surprise,
But they plan to reverse that ratio in years and coffee will be more localized. 

 Nestle made all efforts such as partner with those governing our nation.
They’ll provide technology, training and technical education.

 I’ve seen their employees and their faces beam with gold,
I know that i’m in a real good company that is above the mold.

I’m really happy and proud to know that my wake-up partner
Is not simply just a brand, but a real life-changer!

When I went to Tagum farm and their respective buying station,
I was definitely on a coffee learning mission.

Never in my wildest dreams and imagination,
I thought i’d come home with such illumination.

Oh yes, my blended friend, we owe so much to you!
Careers, achievements and relationships too.

Now that I know every tedious process that my favourite drink goes through,
I hope anyone who reads this has a heightened appreciation of instant coffee as i do.


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