Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Starbucks Planner and New Holiday Drinks... Out Now!

White cups our out and Red cups are here...
There are new drinks for the Christmas Cheer...
What could still be missing at Starbucks now the holiday is near?
What else, but sticker-collecting aficionados of the planner on full-gear!

November 4, is a holy day for venti fans of the famous coffee brand and their famous yearly limited edition collectible - the Starbucks Planner. Starbucks launched not one, but three (3) planner cover designs for the 2009 edition yesterday. More choices to choose from. Others may not like it because it's no longer in a leather casing. But for me, who really want it for it's funcitonality, its going back to the basic design is really a wonderful reasons to get started with the sticker mania.

Plus, from the 24 stickers needed before, there are only 16 stickers needed for this year! Yipee! But wait, there's more! There are limited edition promo cards with one sticker filled for all us early birds! Hep Hep Hooray for this Holiday!

As for their holiday featured special drinks, Toffee Nut Latte and Praline Mocha are still in the trio, but I went there expecting to indulge in my favorite Peppermint Mocha goodness. Only to find out that they didn't make it available for this year. Sadly, that's the truth for us fans of the minty delight. But, of course, Starbucks will never take out a favorite drink without replacing it with something as exciting. This season, they introduced the Dark Cherry Mocha drink! Starbucks describes it as a "bittersweet chocolate infused with the rich flavors of dark, dried cherries" and I describe it as deliciously tempting! So, I gave the newbie a chance, and although i'm not a fan of berries, this dark little drink is definitely taking my mind off my pepper-y separation sadness.

Starbucks is really going all out for this year! So no more waiting and get your butts drinking!


Anonymous said...

HAHA! Already got mine Soleil. In only a week! Guess who I am! >=P

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