Monday, April 23, 2007

Top 5 Things I Missed Last Sunday... But It Was Worth It (i think)

(This is the first post where I'll be using photos which I didn't shoot. You'll see the reason why as you read along the article.)

Awww.. gosh! I hate the Internet! You get to see everything here. The places to go to, movies to watch, blogs to read, music to listen to and schedules of different kinds of events. I'm supposed to be loving that free flowing exchange of information, but as you can see, I am writing in English because it sucks to be informed after they are all finished and you only get to "experience" them in pictures or in articles here in the internet and not the real thing.

Well, as to why i missed these events... Let's just say i met someone. It's nothing really. We spent the whole day together, chatting, laughing and just making silly comments about silly stuff. Too early to tell, but whatever it was, definitely a blast. Oh gosh! I hope he never sees this or else i'm dead!

As for the list, Here are the...

1. World Light Expo 2007

- Why couldn't I have learned about this a month sooner? Why? I am just baffled! Seriously! I was actually inviting some friends to go to SM Mall of Asia to hang out there just because I have been there only once. If I knew that there is something like this in that area, I would have persuaded them easier! And I only get to know about it after the last day, when it was actually here for quite a long time (February 23 - April 22, 2007).

source of screenshot:
source of lightshow and fountain photo with the Phil. Map:

2. Free film showing of "Inconvenient Truth" at SM Cinemas
-Just when I'm finally decided to get serious about my Polar Bear speech (which I know, more and more people are getting annoyed listening to) and advocacy for the environment, I suddenly found out that my inspiration for this advocacy was shown for free in different cinemas!

"April 22, 2007 - 1pm, 3pm and 5pm. Admission is FREE!

Participating branches: Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Manila, SM Centerpoint, SM Fairview, SM Southmall, SM San Lazaro, SM Cebu, SM Clark, SM Pampanga, SM Davao"

source of movie poster:
source of schedule:

3. Photographers guesting in RockEd at NU107
- Ah geez! This one has got to hurt the most. I was really looking forward to listening to this one. I even informed some of my friends about it. And yet, when i was in the car back home to P'que. I completely forgot about it. Why? Oh Why?

Photo by Jay Capati. To see more of what I (and some of you guys) missed, here is a summary of what happened during the show and what they talked about in the RockEd Radio's Official Blogsite.

4. Supposedly Movie night / Heroes marathon with High School Barkada
-Planned by Keno (venue sponsor: bahay nila), Raul (DVD collection sponsor), and I (Miss Never-Say-Die Events Planner of barkada trippings) because people are already missing each other (so this will serve as a reunion actually). And, we want to shift from scary movie marathons to TV series marathons. But, I only got to remember about the plan when I received Keno's YM Offline Message asking me if we are still pushing through with the plan.
source of Heroes TV series photo:

5. Arnie was rushed to Makati Med
-My niece was rushed to the hospital due to severe stomach ache that she has been complaining about for days and got worse last saturday evening. It was just sad that i was not there for her, especially since that kid was so brave while she was there. She even bragged to her friends this afternoon how cool it was in the hospital when the doctors "took a picture of her stomach," a.k.a. X-Ray.(Well, at least this one, i was informed throught text message and not the internet. I still hate not being there, though.)


joao said...

we all have our regrets

punkilicious said...

hahaha! yeah... but at least this one is kinda my favorite regret... haha! yuck cheesy!

shaula0pink said...
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shaula0pink said...

hoy! just got a blog lang here.. its pero that's not what i want to say here.. I used google reader kasi and thought of visiting your page.. at HOY! ano tong HEROES marathon??? I'm not informed bout this. huhuhuhuhuhu! Alam kong april pa to.. pero huhuhuhuhuhu...

punkiliciousss said...

hahahaha! ako naman, ngayon ko lang rin to nakita! basta sila keno and raul, gusto lang sana mag-hangout! kaso nabalitana rin nilang hindi na matutuloy kaya hindi na lang rin kinalat! tama na tampo! nakalibreng link/advertisement ka naman ng blog mo dito eh! wahahaha!